Thursday, October 16, 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

My Sister (visit her here) did this really cool mosaic. I thought I would create my own Here Am I meme just like she did. She makes it look so easy! Let me tell you how long I have been working on this stinkin’ meme! Oh, no long at all…only 7 hours!! It’s really hard to find all the things on the list that start with the first letter in your name. To make it visually even, I added my own name graphic. I’m sort of anal that way. Ha! Another A word. You get that one for free!

So, here it is. This is what you are supposed to do. Take the list below and come up with examples of things that start with the first letter in your name. You can do like we did and make a mosaic here or just write out the list, either way; it’s fun!! Come on….you can do it!!

1) Angie-Here Am I!
2) Famous Singer/Band -Aerosmith
3) Four-Letter Word -Army
4) Street Name -West Angela St.
5) Gift/Present -Anklet
6) Color -amathyst
7) Pro Sports Team -Anaheim Angels
8 ) Movie Title -Aquamarine
9) Boy’s Name -Alton
10) Girls Name -Audrey
11) Vehicle -Aston Martin
12) Flower -Amaryllis
13) Drink -Alabama Slammer
14) Magazine -Allure
15) U.S. City -Adak
16) Item found in a souvenir shop -Alligator Totebag
17) Celebrity -Angelina Jolie
18) Reason You’re Late for Work -All Nighter (I pulled an all nighter and I over slept!)
19) Fruit -Apple
20) Cartoon Character -Alvin
21) Anything else about you that starts with your letter -Absolutely Fabulous!
22) Body of Water -Atlantic Ocean
23) Occupation -Archaeologist
24) Something you Shout -Amen!
25) Something you recycle -Aluminum Foil

  • Very fun! However, if I do it, don’t expect me to make a mosaic. I do gooder with words, you know.

  • Dad

    Pretty cool! Did you get mine? Where did you the Adak patch? Ive never seen that one. I have the “Birthplace Of The Winds” patch from Naval Station. It is hard to find suitable images that start with your name, huh?

  • I did get yours! I found the Adak patch online using google’s image search thingie. I have the birthplace of the winds one too! It’s not a patch, but like a non-sticky sticker. It’s translucent like tracing paper. Any yes, it’s hard to find things that start with my name….7 hours is a lot of time I think! LOL

  • Yea – date lunches/picnics at the park are some of the best! I can’t imagine how our dates will change once kiddos come along.