Saturday, December 27, 2008

What I have done for the last 2 days.

  1. Eat chips and salsa from Cristina’s
  2. Play Guitar Hero World Tour until my eyes bug out and wrists and fingers hurt.

That’s pretty much it.

Jon and I decided last night for my birthday that we would go to dinner and then see a movie. We made an attempt to go to Chuy’s last night for like the 3rd time since I went to lunch there with Felicia and Andee. There was an hour and half wait; on my BIRTHDAY!!! How rood! Because I was in the mood for some good salsa, I remembered just how good Cristina’s salsa was and so we were off to McKinney for dinner. It was convenient for us to be that far north because the movie theater was also up there. Four Christmases sounded like a lot of fun to go see. By the time we ate (wayytoomuuuch) and rolled walked out of dinner, we had over an hour to kill before the movie started. We drove in circles for a bit because I was the navigator who was answering Happy Birthday wishes/phone calls from friends while I supposed to be giving directions. LOL We ended up at Best Buy over near Debbi’s house to look for another guitar for my our new addiction game. No such luck as they had been wiped out of all Wii GHWT paraphanallia. We did find a stand for our guitar, drum sticks, mic, and soon to be 2nd guitar. Seems like I’m going to have to get used to having that home decor accessory in the living room for a while! Anyhoo…

We headed over to Fry’s hoping we would get there before it closed because Jon saw a guitar there for about 30 bucks and wouldn’t you know it, we got stuck in traffic because of a major 3 lane closer accident. We would have been late for our movie anyway, so we ditched the idea of a movie in lieu of the search for the less than holy grail of Guitar Hero WT single guitar for the Wii. We got there at 9:39 pm and there were still poeple coming out of the store. We waited and watched to see if some other chump would try to walk in after the store was clearly closed, and sure enough, we saw this poor guy try to walk in only to be met with confusion and agnst because he couldn’t go shopping for a GHWT guitar for his wii to use his new gift card.

We didn’t want to go home too soon because that would mean putting the boys to bed, so we decided to head over to Wallyworld to see if they by any chance had any. Nope, not them either! Dangit!! We were so close!! While we walked around the romantic atmosphere that WM offers, we bought some cereals. Raisin Bran for Jon’s digestive health and 2 bags of gut rotting cereal for the kids and that later night snack that comes after a very satisfying meal that I’ve made. 😀

We came home and after everyone was in bed, I couldn’t just sit there and watch plain old TV!! I had to play. So I played and played and played. I played until my fingers hurt, my wrists felt like they would fall off and my eyes, oh my eyes! They were bloodshot and burning. If you play long enough, when the scrolling hyway that shows you the notes you are supposed to hit stops, the screen comes up that gives you your stats looks like it’s floating up and so does everything else in the room. If I were on drugs it would have been more than a psycadelic experience for sure!! I think I fell into bed around 1am. Annnd I slept until about noon.

Overall, it was a fun, relaxing, awesome day! I plan on entering a 12 step Guitar Hero Program as soon as I can find one and if I can’t find one, I’ll just have to live with my addiction. I think I’ll need to get Wii fit so I can work off all the extra calories I consumed from the chips and salsa and the sitting for hours on end!

In other news:
I plan on doing my very best to keep my blog up in the new year. I got a new job working in Medical Records at a Back Clinic at the beginning of December and it threw a huge wrench into my life. I am only working 4 hours a day, but what I have to do to get ready and drive to work and then work and then drive home, it feels like a full time job and it’s all I can do to come home and make dinner. The last thing on my mind is blogging, but I am going to make, as Brenna likes to call it, a “New Years Revolution” to blog more and complain less.

Happy New Year ya’ll and I hope that the next year brings much happiness (because remember Happiness is a choice! my new painting says so!) and joy. Seems like the most important things in life are being happy with those you love and squeezing as much joy out of life as you can!

Until then…Happy New Year!


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  • Sounds like it was a great day overall! Glad you had fun…even with the disappointments of not being able to eat at Chuy’s or get a guitar or see a movie or… lol

    We’ll be sure to have cake for you all on NYE!