Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Been so busy. Crafting, nursing, cooking, cleaning, washing, bossing, driving, sleeping, Facebooking, and eating…in no particular order.

I have 12 movies waiting for me on the home server that Jon downloaded for me. This means only one thing. I have to do nothing but watch movies for the next 2 days. Bring it on.

No actually, I have some bake sale goodies to create so my kids can go to Mission Day Camp this summer and so I can be a volunteer and help! Go me!

Two of us need new frames and lenses, 2 need eye exams, and for sure 1 of those needs glasses. One kid needs his tonsils taken out, but that will wait until we at least see the Doctor on the 8th. Jon is healing well. He’s off the narcotics and onto straight Motrin. Bless his butt heart, he has been a real pooper trooper through it all and I haven’t once wanted to kick him where it hurts. He’s been a good patient. He can be done now though.

We are getting ready to see the Fireworks today over at Kaboom Town. We have a “spot” that we like to go to with friends, and we are looking forward to spending time with them and laughing at all the people walking by..errm I mean, the cars….planes? Whatever. We have fun. And our kids love each other too!

The end.

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  • somehow we need to reclaim our “spot” next year!
    We had fun – looking forward to next year already.