Sunday, December 6, 2009

Procrastinators Unite….tomorrow.

My sister did it, so I might as well follow suit. She asked the question: Where did November go? I ask the same thing, where did it go??

Seems like it just flew by, blown away by the wind. Or maybe aliens came down and kidnapped it? I know! A black hole opened up and November was sucked in and it messed up the space time continuum? What ever and how ever the reason, it’s gone. I missed a whole month to blog about my life. I guess I should catch you up.

Should I do this in a bullet list and spare you the boring details or describe each event and watch your gray hairs grow??  Gray hairs it is!! Ready??

I forget. The End……just kidding, well maybe only a little. It seems I can’t really remember how November started off. Something about many days running together wherein I got nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing accomplished. I slept a lot. I played a lot of games on Facebook and got really far in FarmVille… here’s a snippit of my status updates from Facebook:

Angie Harms Stueve
ok, it’s 10:00am; time to pick a room and clean it. I think I will pick the kitchen. Seems to be the least messed up one!! Annnnnnd she’s off!!

Angie Harms Stueve
ok, just kidding. My back is screaming at me to just slow down and take it easy. I guess when you go from zero to 60 too quickly, the old bod says, “STOP YOU’RE KILLING ME, YOU OUT OF SHAPE LAYER DOWNER!”

November 3 at 10:37am ·
and then I did this:

Angie Harms Stueve
I’m waiting for the electrician to come over and give me a quote to move my chandelier, fix the kitchen lights, and install a ceiling fan. I may just have more than a lamp on my dinner table, 2 lamps on the kitchen counters, and a hot playroom by Monday! And the Angels rejoiced!!!!

November 5 at 11:53am

Only that didn’t really come to fruition until later in the month. I’ll have to save that for another post. This one is just to catch you up on my whereabouts.
Thanks to my generous and light loving Dad for investing in our home improvement projects. Without his kindness, we would still be sitting in the dark on Christmas Eve eating Chicken and roasted cauliflower!

Instead, I get to have this much light in the kitchen! Behold!!

lights in the kitchen

And instead of a single lamp on the dining table, we dine under the canopy of twinkling starlight….no not really, but it feels pretty cool!
lights in the dining room

November became the month for remembering. Remembering a dear friend who passed away 2 years ago on November 16th; Shelly Culbertson and for remembering the life of a brave and courageous woman who fought all her life against Cystic Fibrosis; Valerie Croy. She lost her battle with CF on November 17, 2009.

Laura her dearest friend/sister and I got to see her the night before she died. We talked with her and kissed her goodbye. She was ready to go, tired of fighting a losing battle. She asked her husband and family to be taken off the ventilator so she could go sit in the arms of her Savior, Jesus Christ. They respected her desire and at 3pm on Monday, she was taken off the ventilator and given sedation to ease her suffering from not being able to breath as her lungs started to give up. She was a fighter and showed her 2 girls just how much she loved her life and loved being their Mom by fighting as hard as she did for so long. It was time to let her go. I think I’ve lost about 2 weeks of November just coming to terms with her death. I think that is much of the reason I didn’t have a desire to blog. How do you communicate to the world when someone you love isn’t a part of it anymore? Love you Val-Val..miss you everyday.

Val and me Valerie Croy                          Angie Stueve

After Natalie and I drove to Abilene for her funeral, I came home and started to really focus on getting the kitchen lights done and painting all the walls and cabinets. The painting still isn’t done, but the lights are all in and look awesome and the floor and paint is the last thing to do. Well…that’s not exactly true. I won’t have cabinet doors for a while as I have to save up to get those replaced since we took down one upper cabinet to make another one full size. Confusing I know, but trust me, it’s WAY better than it was. I’m practicing patience.

Thanksgiving was spent with friends at their house here in town. This is our third year to celebrate with them and we enjoy it so much. We share cooking duties and bring lots of goodies to share. This year I brought a pumpkin pie, a pumpkin cake roll, a veggie tray, a relish tray, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes!! Oh and drinks.
pumpkin pie roll _ andee
I ate so much I thought I was going to bust a gut. I don’t think one should really eat continuously for 3 straight hours nibbling here and there and THEN eat a turkey dinner!! I would not recommend that in the future, I’m just sayin’. This concludes your PSA for the day.

After Thanksgiving we decided that this year since my family is coming here for Christmas we would put the tree up before December 1st so we could really enjoy it the whole month. It’s taken about a week to fully get it up and all decorated.

christmas tree 2009
The house is coming together nicely and with a few finishing touches, we will be ready and waiting for my Sister to get here on the 20th!  I can’t wait! We’re going to drink hot cocoa, play board games, laugh until we cry or pee our pants, make stuff together, eat and be merry, and give each other lots of hugs. Because that is what is important not only at Christmas time, but each and every day. To love the people you are blessed to be around. To share your lives together and make the most of every precious moment. And it’s fun too! Then as if that wasn’t enough fun we are going to pack into 2 days, my Mom and Dad both get in on the 22nd!!! I know, it’s almost too much excitement for one girl to handle!! Yippeee!!!
I think I brought you up to speed…this was the condensed version. I know! Hard to believe! What can I say, I’m a talker.

Happy December y’all!!