Saturday, October 31, 2009

I’m the treat, he’s the trick!

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Tonight was our annual Fall Festival at our church. I painted faces like I do every year. It’s just basic simple shapes, but the kids love it. I always try to dress up just to be fun, and well FUNNY.  One year I was a clown in full clown make-up and a rainbow wig with a pink feather boa neck on my polka dot clown costume, complete with shoes. A lot of children were scared to sit down and have me paint their faces, some even ran away crying. That was the last year I was a clown. One year I was a “rock chick”, another year I was a housewife in curlers and a green face mask painted all over my face. I even wore a housecoat and slippers. That was fun and comfy too!

Like I said, I enjoy dressing up. This year I tried to go subtle. NOT! I put on gobs of makeup and bright lipstick and teased my hair and spray painted it pink and purple. The picture above is kind of dark, and it’s after I took it down.

Here is what it looked like before:

halloween pixie

This was yesterday’s “hair” raising adventure, thanks to a wig and some fun hair accessories! I wore this ensemble to the company Trick or Treat that NICE held in the offices. It was missing the famous haunted house, but the boys got a bag full of candy, so there’s that AND I had an excuse to drive around town all dressed up. Funny thing was, no one even batted an eyelash at me. I guess pink and black hair isn’t that shocking these days.

halloween pixie 2

All and all, this Halloween was very stress free. Brenna went to a sleepover/party, Lauren and Dan were a part of the Fall Festival “Bible Maze” and that left MJ with both of our attention and freedom to roam and run and play all he wanted tonight. It was not too long ago that poor Jon was carrying around babies and toddlers while chasing two little girls all over the place while Mommy the Clown was painting faces. Good times…  Jon was pelted in the face all night with wet sponges at the Goliath Booth. I got one good smack in while I was there. MJ went as a Fire Fighter and when Jon wasn’t playing Goliath, he was impersonating Hugo “Hurley” Reyes from LOST. Uncanny isn’t it? Only thing he was missing was his DharmlaLars and his big jar of Dharma Mayonnaise. So much fun!! I love it!

MJ and Mom at Fall Fest

Jon as Goliath

Jon as Hurley

I hope your Halloween was safe and fun! Next year I want our whole family to dress up as a group of something, if I can talk the kids into it. I shouldn’t hold my breath. I also would like to go trick or treating around our neighborhood as well, since we haven’t done that in 10 years. How old is too old to Trick or Treat??

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