Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love me… Want me… Pick me!


I’ve done some house cleaning.

No…not that kind of house cleaning. I didn’t do any of that today. I was a lazy girl, sitting on the couch with a numb hiney. I only spent the better part of ALL DAY looking, searching, cussing, and fussing on my blog.  NINE HOURS. That’s not too long is it?

Jon has been an angel about helping get it just the way I wanted it to look. He is sweet like that. Did I mention patient?? Whoooboy that man is patient.

Anyway…this is what I have come up with.  (see above)  I modified it from another template and tweaked it here and spanked it there to suit my ever-changing moods (which include bouts of anger and frustration at inanimate objects and people under the age of 7 who dare to ask for lunch) . Seems like it’ll do for a while…until my tastes needs change again. Might not happen until WordPress comes up with some more  artsy 3 column templates I can live with that doesn’t look like crap.

For those of you who followed my link from Facebook…WELCOME! and THANK YOU!! and you really do like to click every link you see, huh?  Let me know what you think…cuz I’m needy like that and you’re nice.

Go on…you know you want to!