Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stay-cations are the new black

This is a sampling of what we are planning to do while we are on our “stay-cation” this next week. Jon is taking a few days off and we are going to make the most of a five day weekend. Starting Saturday we are going to hit up a swim party, go bowling, get wet at the water park, see the fishes, jaguar, and stinky flamingos, and squeeze in a baseball game at the end of the week. Then it’s packing time and a two part drive to Missouri with the boys next Sunday. 5 or 6 days with my Dad and Sister and then back to Plano. I have to try and accomplish those little craft projects I was hinting at before. I may run out to the hardware store and marvel over the spray paint cans and choose who will go home with me and make me happy!

Happy Summer y’all!!

Picnik collage