Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It’s always Martha, Martha, Martha!

Ok, confession time. I’m a little obsessive. When it comes to creativity, I’m uber-obsessed. For example, lets pretend you were going to a game night that required a gift, you might just go pick up a gift card or a picture frame, something simple and easy right?

Not me! I scour store after store for something quirky like say super cute striped Halloween hand towels with black ball fringe and happy spiders paired a coordinating black and orange polka dot towel. Then I would take said towels and continue to look for a creative way to give them, like maybe  in a clear glass pumpkin shaped jar with lid and 3 small bags of candy. That really wouldn’t be cute enough on it’s own because hello!, I am creative. (Sometimes it’s a curse really.) So off to the house with  my new purchases to create a masterpiece!! After much trial and error, I decide to incorporate the three components together. I took the black and orange polka dot towel and lined the inside of the pumpkin jar,  then I mixed Hershey miniatures, caramel apple, and candy corn kisses together and poured them inside. I folded the spider towel to fit over the candy but under the lid, so just a peek of the spiders shows through the jar.
A normal person would stop there, but not me! I would rifle through all my scrapbook stuff (p.s. most creative people are kind of unorganized) looking for that cute Halloween paper I bought before my favorite scrapbook store went out of business. While I was at, why not use glitter glue and some ribbon?! Um, yeah. I ended up with a cute little tag with cream and large black polka dots with a black ribbon trim on the bottom and black and copper glitter stickles saying something like, “No trick Just treats”. It ended up on the top of the lid with an orange ribbon. Whew!! And then I made dinner. Ok, well I heated up dinner, but I fed my family and that is what is most important, right?

So how did this gift go over with the gals at KENO?

Let’s just say it was stolen a couple of times and oohed and ahhed over when it was revealed. I felt so proud. And tired. You know,  from all the crafty creativeness. I didn’t even get a picture of it. I did however save myself some caramel apple kisses because have you tried those? They really are very yummy, almost too yummy as they could get a girl in trouble if she eats the whole bag.

Today is not only Michael Jon’s 6th birthday, but his obsessively creative mother would like to make his day special. Usually we do gift opening at home and to green the kids after school, Mom decorates the dining table with a table cloth, balloons, a cake, and plates with napkins. table decorations

I’ve been known to use boxes of candy as balloon weights! Awesome idea right?? I know- and cheap too! And speaking of cheap; most of the creative people I know don’t have a lot of money, so we have to find ways to satisfy our need to make things awesomely cute and balance out the price point. I don’t always find what I want, but most of the time I do pretty well. My kiddos love that I do this for them.  I love it too.

Because today is also Wednesday and we have church activities, we are moving the house party and decorations to where we’ll be. I plan on going to the church before I pick up the boys from school and decorate one table. I’ll pick up some balloons and ice cream cups to share with friends. We will open presents at home though and I foresee Michael not wanting to go to his classes because he’ll want to play with his new presents!

As if that wasn’t enough (are you still here? Well if you hung on this long, I’m almost done) I am going to the bank, Target, Party City, Sam’s club, dollar tree, and figure out something to have for dinner that’s portable and cheap. I just love a challenge!!

  • Okay:
    1) you needed to take pictures. That sounded way cute.
    2) Happy Birthday, MJ!! Can’t believe you’re SIX. Wow!

  • After your shameless plug on Leslie’s blog I had to stalk you. It’s your fault! But now you got a comment out of it! Anyway, I wouldn’t mind one of those cute pumpkin creations.

  • OMGoodness…you and your Sis going to have a Blog Comments War…NOT!!! I am so impressed with your MMM gift….you are very crafty indeed, I like one too!

  • Thanks for blog-stalking me!! I feel so loved!
    Now about that pumpkin….I should really just go and get the stuff to make it again and post it on here…then everyone could make one for themselves.