Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol Predictions

We didn’t get to watch it on Tuesday, but because I stayed home from work today, I got to see it finally. Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber night with only 6 left.

This is American Idol! I know you were expecting Ryan Seacreast just now, but sadly all you get is me.

Here are my predictions for Wednesday.

Top 2- Carly Smithson and Sayesha Mercado

jesus-christ-superstar_454x621.jpg scintillating-syesha_454x679.jpg

I enjoyed Sayesha and she was definitely in her element with the musical style of singing. Like Diana DeGarmo, if she doesn’t make it in the pop scene, she has a place on Broadway.
Carly always just makes me wanna rock. I just like her style and her range. This was perfect for her and I like that she didn’t try to go with a song that she thought would be more demure and like what Sir Andrew would want her to sing. She tried that and he stopped her!

Middle 2- David Archuleta, and David Cook

think-of-him_454x594.jpg music-of-the-night_454x679.jpg

As always, these boys deliver great vocals and arrangement but like Simon, I wasn’t jumping out of my seat or feeling all welled up with excitement inside, unlike when Carley sang, I clapped. Alone. They’ll move on.

Bottom 2- Jason Castro and Brooke White

memories_454x304.jpg you-must-love-her_454x679.jpg

I watched the piece with Jason and Sir Andrew and when he started to sing on stage, I got up and went to make lunch. It was that forgettable. Same with Brooke, I was making something to eat and heard Brooke. Then I didn’t hear Brooke and I assumed it was part of the song. When I came back in, I heard them all talking about her forgetting the words. I will have to go back and see that again. While I was in the kitchen, I didn’t hear anything to get excited about.

As the show moves on, I’m not going to be too sad to see Jason and Brooke go. I think they are out of the other’s league with the exception of Sayesha. I think she is good, but I don’t know that she’ll be the next Carrie Underwood. I think any one of the top 4 could take the prize at the end tho. Who knows.

    Carly’s gone!!

    I don’t know if I can stand to watch again until Jason is gone. That is just so wrong.

  • i think I said last night that I wasnt going to watch it anymore. I really did think that Carly could be in the top 3. I guess America didn’t think so.

  • uh…I assume by ‘top 2’ you actually meant ‘bottom 2’. I like Brooke, so I want her to stay. I have not watched the epi yet, so I don’t really know how anyone did.

  • Hey Girlfriend soooooooo very shocked at the way the voters voted but hey at least Brooke get’s a chance AGAIN to stay 1 more week Neil Diamond but you will have to let me know who from now on Start a class on wednesday night 6:30 supper 7:30-8:30 beth moore study next 4 weeks hope you guys have fun boo who without me crying in my sweet tea. haha take care of yourself and hope you are feeling better soon
    Luv ya,