Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where is everyone?

Ok, so like I know everyone on my blog roll has a life, but I need to read about what is going on with you. Updated and the like..ya know..more than once a day! I need to be able to escape the hell that is my life right now and slip into the perspective of someone else, even if it is for a fleeting moment. When I say the hell that is my life I don’t mean that everything is HORRIBLE, I just mean that I am stressed and busy and being all things to all people and working and OH MY GOSH- being a grown-up! and…it stinks! (I know, I are playing the world’s smallest violin for me now)

Anyway….I have already told anyone who will listen about creepy guy who won’t leave me alone, so I am all talked about that and work is well…work. Home is ok, but could be better….IM JUST TIRED. SLEEP i NEED SLEEP!!  Monster Java LOCO MOCHA isnt good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Ok, maybe not dinner…that would keep me up.

ok, well I am done ranting and I have an eye exam, so I gotta go.

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  • You need to get on Twitter…LOL. They you can know hourly what I’m up to 😉