Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I only blog once a week…

Then American Idol night is the one I pick! Same version as last week…Let’s doooo iiiiiittt!! Oh wait. Wrong show.

5701 Amanda Overmyer: Sang: Back in the USSR. The band was louder than she was and so were the backup singers. She did ok. I don’t really have a whole lot of love for her. She knows how to do only one thing. Stand there with an open stance, bend forward and gravel out the chorus. Not good.
5702 Katy Lee Cook: Sang: You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away. Booriing! Simon was right. She has as much personality as a wet noodle and her legs are wet noodles.
5703 David Archuleta: Sang: The Long and Winding Road. He remembered the words!! Good job! Awesomeness! I’m all warm and fuzzy inside…should I feel ashamed? He’s only 17!! OMG!! Hotness! LOL Simon said he was amazing. I agree.
5704 Michael Johns: Sang: A Day in the Life. Off the Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. A favorite of both Jon and myself. I thought it was good. The judges didn’t like it one bit. Ouch.
5705 Brooke White: Sang: Here comes the Sun. Her voice is so smoky and rich. She dances kind of awkward though! LOL It almost sounds slightly country. I like it. It was simple and that seems to be her thing. (Randy said she was awkward and she agreed that she moves awkward! LOL) She is a little too self-depricating for my taste. You picked it Brooke, have confidence in what you did and take their criticizing for what it is. Their opinion. The people still like you an awful lot!
5706 David Cook: Sang: Day Tripper. I don’t think I know this one. White Snake did a version? Um yeah, that is why I don’t know it. (Ha! Now that I hear it, I do know that song. I guess I didn’t listen close enough when I heard it before. )
(** As a side note** He plays guitar left handed and well, I tried playing with Brenna’s guitar yesterday. Try tuning it with a string missing, by the way. Anyway, I have no idea how he plays as a lefty because the strings would be upside down. Or do they string it for left handed peeps? ) It was good. I’m not sure about the synthed vocals, but it was good.
5707 Carly Smithson: Sang: Blackbird. I really like her voice. I would buy her album. I liked that version. It was controlled and well done. Yay her!! (I totally said controlled before Randy did! I swear!!) I seriously think Simon is just trying to be the one who disagrees. Why can’t he just say she was good? Harumph!
5708 Jason Castro: Sang: Michelle. My belle? I have to say I don’t like him. So I guess it doesn’t matter if he does well tonight. Ok, so it’s not that I don’t LIKE him for his voice, I DON’T like his hair. It’s akin to not being able to look at Sanjaya’s hair every week. You know what I am talking about! sanjaya.jpg Anyway, he was OK.

5709 Syesha Mercado: Sang: Yesterday. It was tender and soft. She had one off key note, but overall, it was good. Definitely her best performance so far.
5710 Chikezie Eze: Sang: I’ve just seen a face. Sounds like a love song you would hear on the radio. He sounds great. I like him. He is a little further down on my list of favorites, but he’s growing on me. Nice harmonica action there! That was a surprise!
5711 Ramiele Malubuy: Sang: I should have known better. …….than to fall in love with you…now love is just a faded memory…?? huh?? LOL I obviously don’t know this song…. She has a strong voice, but I don’t think she has as much stage presence. She seems scared to really pick dynamic songs and sing them with what vocal range she has! I’m bored. Moving on!

Oh.. she was the last one. Pretty good tonight. Looking forward to seeing how gets voted off tomorrow.
My bottom 3 are: Ramiele Malubuy, Jason Castro, and Katy Lee Cook. They were the weakest out of the whole bunch. Who knows how it will go in the end. I voted for David A., Carly S., Chikezie E., David C., and Brooke W. Multiple times for most of them.

On a family note. We have a sick girl. Strep throat. Poor little Bree-Bree. She hasn’t felt good since Sunday. I missed a play date with MJ’s friend because she wasn’t feeling well and had fever. I seriously hope I don’t get it. I don’t want to expose my dad to that with all that he is going through. I am flying up to MO to see him and my Sis on Thursday night. Pray for Jon and the kids. LoL! See you on the flip side!

  • Yes, they string left-handed guitars differently….that’s why they’re called, well, um…Left-handed guitars….
    Will I be able to see you tonight before your trip? If not, I’ll be praying for you, your flight, your dad…that it all goes well. Take care!

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