Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Live

So the start of the show promises big changes. Ryan shows off the new stage and lights. Everyone all together now, OoooOooooohhh! The band is in their very own penthouse and the audience is in “bleachers”. Yippee! Annnd the judges, Randy, Paula, and hairy chest Simon. Yum for Ryan! LOL

AMERICAN IDOL TOP 12!!! WOOT!! Here they come…..Lots of clapping. The top 12 perform one song each and the theme tonight is Lennon/McCartney song book. David Archuleta did Lennon already. I wonder if he’ll do that one again?

I’ll go through each of their performances in one line, and then at the end, I’ll recap who I think did the best.

Syesha Mercado: Her register seems too low in this song. I didn’t like it in the beginning. It’s just aiight. The end was ok. Meh.
Chikezie Eze: Zowie…she’s a rockin woman singing in falsetto. Hmmmm..full of energy and it was pretty good! I liked it!
Ramiele Malubay: Sweet and tender, not sure it show cases her voice, but it was safe.
Jason Castro: I can’t stand his hair. Didn’t wow me. All this heart feeling is stupid. Get a hair cut.
Carly Smithson: Wow…she is good. I really like her! Come together baby….
David Cook: Rockin’. Like Daughtry, been there done that. I like him ok.
Brooke White: She plays piano well, enjoyed her version of let it be. I wasn’t knocked off my socks tho. Apparently Simon was…go figure.
David Hernandez: Not his best. A little Broadway performance-esqe for me or somewhat country fair-ish. Or as Simon said, “a little rabbit in the headlights” LOL I didn’t care for it. “Not feelin’ it”.
Amanda Overmyer: Better than some of her performances, but she still forces it into her upper register and then it sounds too Janice for me. I’m not a huge fan of her.
Michael Johns: He did ok. (I was talking to Jon while he was singing, so I wasn’t paying attention! LOL
Kristy Cook: Country is her thing, not sure if I like this version of 8 days a week. Seems too fast..sort of like weird al’s polkarama version of it in country form. LOL if you even know what I mean….
David Archuleta: They saved the best for last ( I hope- I’m writting this before he sings) I think I would like anything he does! :o) oh my gosh! He forgot the words! Poor baby is nervous!! I’m scared for him. The judges are going to eat him alive..it’s never good to forget any words. I will make sure to vote extra so he can stay on redeem himself.

I especially liked Carly tonight and second runner up, Chikezie. He was fun and had a good time. Ok, so my lowest picks tonight are: Syesha Mercado and Kristy Cook. I think even tho David A. forgot his words, he will stay until next week. Carly is as good as in the top three. I really like her. I can usually pick them for the top 3, but the last two years I didn’t predict the winners. They should have won, Kat McPhee and Blake Lewis, but alas, they didn’t.

Well, it was a good night. I won’t be having AI at my house this week. We’ll watch it together at home and enjoy seeing who gets the boot. Syesha or Kristy Lee? Only the votes will tell. Who did you vote for?

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  • I don’t vote, I’m too apolitical for that… lol
    But I originally picked Syesha for bottom 3 but I think she did better than some others. I don’t think she has “it” to make it all the way though.
    We’ll miss you tonight. You’re missing all my gooey chocolate treats. I’ll be sure to make blondies next week.