Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Results Show

The first 4 casualties of Season 7 are (drum roll please): Plus Size Model Joanne, Angelina’s Twin that can’t sing, Colton “The blond eyelashes” dude, and Garrett “throwback from the 70’s bad hair” guy. See, I can’t even remember them they were so unmemorable! I even tried to look up pictures, but I was too tired to wade through the American Idol website slide show with all 123 pictures. Ok, I found a pic of them, so I stole it! Shhh… (hat tip: )

It’s been a while since I posted. Since most of my readers are family anyway, they know what has been going on with our family. My Dad was diagnosed with Cancer recently and of course it’s been devastating for us all and we are learning to cope with it all. My Dad is a strong man and I know he’ll get through this the same way he got through many other issues in his life, with humor and strength and US!
So anyway, lots of stress, work, family, feeling funky my own self, and then my Mom ended up in the hospital! When it rains it pours! She was having trouble breathing, so she is there until she is better.

Upward Basketball is almost over and so we will get our weekends back starting next Sat. Yard work and spring cleaning are in the works. I might even finish painting my bathroom from 3 years ago! My friend Laura is working on a house they are renovating and last week I went to help out for a while. I noticed what a transformation a simple coat of white gloss paint can do, so I am inspired to grab a paintbrush and paint the trim all over our house because it is so yellow from age and wear. It will give our house a clean fresh look for not a lot of money.

So….I guess that is all I got for an update. I hope the bone crushing fatigue and the foggy fog will lift from my body and let me get back to doing what I want and need to do, life. I’m smiling on the inside, way deep down, just waiting for it to come to the surface. :o)

  • Jon

    Garret grated on me… if not for the Lef Garret hair, for the faint hint of ‘im-trying-to-grow-a-mustache’ egad boy, shave until its dark, plauh-esse.

    Colton, that isn’t a name, so no worries.

    I’ll start caring when they kick off people on Wednesday, and I’ll get my Thursdays back.


  • well I called 50% right, which isn’t bad considering I only watched 25% of the guys sing, and spent 100% of my time at the Idol website finding great pictures for my blog for my 0.5% of readers…

    Sheesh, this is why I don’t do numbers…

    Sorry to see Joanne go. Also sad that the one who was chosen over Kyle was the first to leave. Interesting that the final 2 were the first off? Conspiracy, anyone??

    We continue to keep your dad (and now your mom) in our prayers. Cancer is survivable, even when the prognosis isn’t good.