Monday, December 3, 2007

I’m the Queen of FREE!!

It’s amazing how good it feels when the world works with you and not against you. Most of you know we purchased a LOT of furniture from IKEA in Sept. of ’05. Within months, the cushions on the sofa and chair were misshapen and uncomfortable and when I informed IKEA of the situation that Dec.,  they dismissed me and I never heard from them again. Until yesterday!
I got a call from the Sofas Manager and Curtis was very helpful. He said he would replace all of them because of the 10 year warranty and I should bring them down and exchange them. Mind you, I lost the receipt over a year ago, I figured I didn’t need it anymore anyway since they weren’t going to do anything about it. He said I didn’t need the receipt because he wanted me to be happy with my purchases!
I was expecting a fight when I got there today and the ones who didn’t know of the situation balked and complained that Curtis needed to stop telling people things that he wasn’t authorized to do. I kept my mouth shut and said lots of thank yous along the way.  It worked to my advantage not to get too worked up, because I think getting riled would have caused more drama than nessessary and I would have looked like someone trying to take advantage of the situation, which I wasn’t. I just wanted a sofa that worked like they claimed it would; one that would stand up to years of abuse and a 220lb man sitting on it 50,000 times!

I got my wish. I now have all new cushions, both seat and back on the couch and two new cushions on my matching chair. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Best part is, they have been redesigned since I last bought mine. These “new” and “improved” ones have a layer of down/goose feathers and not only look more plump, but are firmer when you sit down. I expect these to last quiet a while and if they don’t, oh I’ll be back….you can guarantee it!!

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