Friday, October 12, 2007

The View From Here

I’m at work (shhhhh). I just thought I would pop on and give you a glimpse of what my eyes see each day.

This is my desk. This is where I sit each day to greet the parents as they come in. This is where I take tuition, update the website, answer the phones, answer questions, work on spreadsheets, and love the families who come in each day.
I love my job. I feel at home here. I feel needed and wanted and useful. I have a purpose. Is this what God was talking about when he said we were put on this earth for a purpose and one day we will find that purpose out? I used to think being a mother was my purpose, but that was planned all along. (and I am not as equipped with Mom abilities as well as some other Mom’s I know) I think my purpose is to help people. I know that is a pretty general statement and all of us are to help one another. So, I think my purpose is to use the gifts God has given me to be able to relate well with others, use my connections for good, and minister to their lives and meet their needs. If you are good at meeting people, getting to know them, and can relate to them on a deeper level because of your life experience then you have a genuine opportunity to make an impact in their lives and for the kingdom. I pray that God gives me those opportunities and when he does, that I recognize them and use them for His glory and not mine. It sounds like a daunting task, so I’ll need some chocolate to give me energy! I love my job, both earthly and spiritually.

What is the view like where you are?

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  • Jon

    thanks for a peek of your world from your eyes. I’m proud of you.