Saturday, June 27, 2015


Tap….tap…is this thing on?


ok, so, I’ve been away for a while. I didn’t mean to be gone for so long, but life and grief sort of got in the way.

As dumb as it sounds, I’ve gotten a new computer and now I can access my stuffs in this lifetime. Sitting around waiting for that little hourglass to work is an exercise in patience.


Just to prove I didn’t disappear or turn into a troll or something…I give you me. #realtalk


So…lots been happening since 2013.

Shocking I know. Life went on. Even after my Dad died. Funny how that happens. And I mean funny as in ironic, not funny HA-HA.

Since then, two daughters graduated high school, one is in college and now another will start in the fall. My son turned 16 and is learning to drive. So is the nearly 21 (TWENTY-ONE!!! OMG) year old. She’s pretty good so far. If I was better at
letting her have control of the car and actually take her driving, she’d be much better by now, but I’m a ball of phobias and anxiousness when it comes to letting any of my children drive. Can’t explain it, just know it’s hard for me.

My youngest son is now in middle school. I mean, when did they get my permission to grow up?? I don’t remember telling them they could grow so fast.

My sister moved to Texas last year! Almost 14 months ago to be sort of exact. I should remember the exact date she moved here, but lots was going on and I don’t really know. She would though. She’s good at dates and such.

Let’s see…

I have been going to a recovery group for about 17 months and it has really helped me with the grief and loss of my Dad and other family members who died within a year of my Dad. Pain and loss is a really dark place to be and this group of people has really helped me let go of a lot of resentments and learn to accept that I am wholly and completely loved and accepted by them and most of all, Jesus. No strings, no waiting to be a better human, just love and grace.

Lots of new things on the horizon this year. Lots of projects on my to-do list. How about a list? I haven’t done one in a while!!

  • Move the kids rooms around AGAIN. One leaves for college and isn’t coming back home next summer, so that means we switch! Seems to be the only way any of the rooms get painted. 😀
  • Paint our bedroom! Can’t wait for that one. We cleaned out closets and built new ones for Jon and now we both have our own space and it’s stayed tidy for weeks now! Huzza!
  • Clean our the garage. Blech. Nuff said.
  • Paint several pieces of furniture for either selling or keeping. Haven’t decided which yet. I keep thinking the pieces would sell better if they were spruced up a little, but then if they are too cute, I won’t be able to sell them!
  • Minor organizing projects in the works: linen closets, coat closets, and craft closets.

I think that’s all I can think of for now. Seems like there is always stuff to do and re-do. It will be a challenge to keep myself busy and create hobbies for myself as  the kids get older and move away from home 9 months out of the year, but I can do it! It’ll be fun.

I’m currently in a summer reading phase. Love me some books from the library. In two days I read, When She Woke by Hillary Jordan. It’s actually set in my Texas town! How weird is that? Talks about many places in the book I recognize (street names, highways, and towns). I thought it was quite strange and coincidental that I would find a list of books on someone else’s pinterest feed and then decide to try it out, only to discover that the book is set in the town I live in, years into the distopian future! *Cue Twilight Zone Music*
The next two books I have on hold at the library seem like a couple of easy reads, so I’m looking forward to diving into them before I have to return them!

Seems like a fitting place to end this blog post… No way I could catch you up on all the goings on around this house, but without promising I’ll be back to blog everyday or some unrealistic time frame, I’ll just say, “Until then…” See ya!