Monday, October 24, 2011

It’s all Facebook’s fault!

I could be a better blogger. I used to be a better blogger (well, maybe not better but more consistent) before I started using facebook . The problem is this: I update my friends and family on my life and it’s goings on far more regularly on Facebook than I do on my blog. Why? It’s more convenient and easier to do on my iphone. With that said, I haven’t really been updating FB all that much these days easier. It’s seems I have lost my "voice".

Many times I have attempted to pen a new post and just as many times I have backspaced until it was gone and closed the window because it seems all I have to write about is loss and pain. I promised myself that I wouldn’t agonize over the negatives of life and become nothing but a whiner.

After my last post in July about going to the beach, we went to the beach. I won’t say we had the best vacation of our lives, because we didn’t. The kids fought every moment they could, I was sick with a lingering virus/throat infection, 2 of the 3 girls were PMS’ing, and we spent waaay too much money on touristy trap things that weren’t even that great.

What I couldn’t seem to write about that vacation was the good memories my kids will always have of the time we drove in the car, listening to my ipod, singing out hearts out and then playing in the ocean. How they got to stay in their own room and hang out (and fight) with each other, the dolphins we saw jumping out of the water, and the seashells we found walking along the beach. CIMG4951kids on the beach


Like some people, I tend to need quite a stretch between events to gain an appreciated perspective on it. I’m not sure why I trip over my own thoughts these days about what to write and how to not just regurgitate my conscious streaming thoughts, but to make them well planned out and interesting. Maybe I should take a writing class. 🙂 Or MAYBE I’m just lazy. Let’s just go with that.


So just to catch you up on the latest in my life "The condensed Version", here goes! (Here’s me being NOT lazy even thought I am sitting in my bed NOT eating lunch until this is done!!)


July: I cut 5.5 inches off my hair, we go to Galveston, we celebrate the 4th at Kaboom town

july 2011 

August: School starts and Jon loses his job (sorry, I don’t have a picture of that)

2011 school year collage

September: Brenna turns 15, Michael turns 9, Leslie turns an undisclosed age, I travel to Missouri for Leslie’s birthday

sept 2011


October: Lauren goes to Homecoming, My Dad’s beloved dog, friend, and my furry sister- Penny passes away, I clean my whole house!

oct 2011



That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Jon is still looking for a job. Irons are in the fire and hopefully God will bless us with employment before our money runs out. My family is coming for Christmas, so I am stoked about that!! Yay!!


I can’t promise I won’t go another 3 months between posts, but I can guarantee that I will be working hard at updating facebook! 🙂


Love and Trick or Treats!


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  • Peggy

    Praying for you guys, Angie. Thanks for the update, I can’t believe how big your kids have gotten. 🙂