Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just put me out of my misery, please!



Just when I thought we would catch a break from all the repairs and bills our sink decided to back up.

So, last month our guest bath fell apart, the car needed repairs, and various expenses popped up unexpectedly. Oh, and I forgot, 3 of our kids went to camp for a week. Can you say stress??  How did we deal with all these expenses? Well, after our bonuses ran out, (My parents who are generous to a fault-mostly mine)  came to our rescue. Not sure what we’d do without them.

Now our sink is clogged and we have to wait until Tuesday for a plumber. We’ve tried everything we can do, so we’ll be washing dishes in a bucket and using paper plates.

I’m just a girl trying to get through them summer with 4 kids and a hard working husband. Why does our house have to continue to fall apart?!


So frustrating.

Can the universe just stop throwing crap my way please?