Friday, March 4, 2011

I have trouble with clever titles.

and to add insult to injury, I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost whatever readers I had before since I haven’t posted in like FOREVER omg!!

I’m not a Mommy blogger, or an entertainment blogger, or really a blogger at all, since I’ve stared at my blog’s homepage for weeks and felt, "Meh. I’ll do it later."

Gah! I can’t even formulate complete sentences. Why do I have a blog again?


Ok, well, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit, so here is all the stuff that’s happened in the last month or so, just to catch you up, since I know you are dying to know how many loads of laundry I’ve done!


  • My Sister and I flew to St. Louis to visit my Dad. We had a great visit!
    I flew stand-by, thanks to generous friends. (Important to know because I got snowed in during the "SNOW-POCALYPSE of 2011" and thought I might not make it home.)
  • I got snowed in in St. Louis because Dallas was being hit by the Ice/Snow storm of the century at the same time St. Louis got 9-11 inches of snow or something like that. It’s all a flurr.
  • While I was gone, a bunch of really awesome young adults from the Access group at our church came and cleared our yard of every. plant. and tree. (save for 2 crepe myrtle trees) and even took down our nasty dilapidated patio cover! It looks great and lets in tons of light. (I’d show you pictures of what they did to the yard, but I just now discovered that Facebook and it’s billions of dollar earning creators have made it impossible to right click save on photos now. Even though they are mine and I own them. so yeah.)
  • We celebrated the snow-pocalypse of 2011 with almost a whole week of snow days off from school and I went crazy while they were all stuck in the house. The end. Just kidding, more stuff happened in Feb.
  • I made a fancy feast of food for Valentine’s Day! Pasta with "Love sauce", salad with red pepper hearts (yes, I cut the red bell peppers in to heart shapes) and red velvet cupcakes (I bought) with hearts (I made) and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries! (I made those too, because well, I rock!)  It was delish!
  • I went to a baby shower, a valentines day party, and 3 kinds of dip all in the same weekend!
  • I got my hair cut. 3 1/2 inches off! 

angie hair 2011

  • I felt the calling of reviving our Women’s Ministry at church. Still figuring what God wants to do with it and how He’s going to use me, but I’m excited to see us grow!
  • Went last weekend to a Women in Ministry Conference and came away with a fresh outlook and vision for what our ministry could be!
  • Had a great time driving through the fog with my friend Andee, singing songs from my iPod and eating twizzlers!
  • My three oldest kids had a great weekend at FUEL ( a discipleship event) at church a couple of weeks ago. I got to spend quality time with Jon and MJ. Gelato was consumed. Oh and pudding. but not at the same time, eww. 
  • Cooking every night for the last 2 weeks because gas prices have us over a barrel. Get it? barrel? gas barrels? ha. anyway, GAS IS FREAKING EXPENSIVE!
  • and cooking every night makes me tired. and the dishes! don’t get me started. I’m allergic.
  • Taking care of sick girl at home with strep and this morning my oldest boy says his throat hurts. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wheee! This is fun!


So, that’s pretty much the highlights of the last month+. You’re welcome. I knew you were going through withdrawals.

Now if I could just get motivated to blog the rest of my summer trip to Europe from LAST YEAR, I would feel more complete. 

So I leave you with this.

The picture I wouldn’t let my Sister show ANYONE, but the one that makes her laugh the most. We were mid-primp when Kurt snapped this baby. I was fixing my hair, NOT saying "Hallelujah!" and my Sister seems to be bringing out her inner Queen, "I do say, this is a lovely day for a picture!"


fixing hair in zhanse

So there you go. Until summer, I bid you adieu.


Love and underachieving,


PS. Loads of laundry = 5