Monday, January 3, 2011

Crafts up my Sleeve

Happy New Year!

You know how it goes: You make long lists of resolutions and then beat yourself up a couple of months later for not accomplishing them.

I’m not making any lists this year, I know I will feel the self directed pressure and quit anyway, so instead I am going to do fun things!

So I have a list of some crafts I want to make over the next few months. These are just small projects I’ve seen on the craft blogs I read {stalk} that have got me to thinking!  I am determined to do my holiday crafts/ideas as the year goes on so I don’t feel so darn overwhelmed when the holiday comes up, because you know, Christmas comes at the same time every year!

I’ve gathered a bunch of ideas for Christmas that I am tucking away and making over in my mind. I picked up some fake snow at Michael’s and Target this week, so I can collect some apothecary jars and do up a cute little winter scene. Like ThriftyDecor Chick did!

Just you wait, I’m going to make some super cute stuff for next Christmas!! Yay!!

I’ve been obsessed with glitter houses and I received a Michaels gift card for Christmas. I can’t wait to go there {alone} and check out what paper mache houses they have! I would say I need to get a life, but I know some of you have the same feelings about crafts that I do! It makes me giddy! It’s a sickness really. I’m ok with that. There is even a Valentine’s Glitter house! It’s TDF!! {To Die For}. I love it!

And as far as my blog, I think I’ve  found a wordpress template that I can actually live with. My resident Geek helped me take this one and actually make it work. It’s definitely pink and girly, but not sickening sweet, so I’ll actually keep it for a while.

We’ll see. I’m fickle and like to change things up every couple of months. I’ll never have one of those houses where the decor and furnishings stay the same for 20 years. I can barely hang on for 20 days. LOL!

I think I’ve also promised every new year that I am going to update more often. We’ll see how that goes too. But for now, I have a list of projects I want to do and if I do them right, I’ll document them and share!

Love and glitter,