Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday- The Underachiever Edition.

So last week I bombarded you guys with 8+ outfits! I guess I was excited to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. This week, I wasn’t feeling as adventurous or as cute, so I only have a few to show.

I even wore the same shirt twice! *gasp*

Most days were spent in jammies and t-shirts. It was the first week no one was sick! Praise Jesus!

What I’ve learned this week:

  1. I need to have better lighting
  2. I need to paint my walls and the front door!
  3. I need to put the scale away that’s by the front door. Really? There’s got to be a better place for the hubs to weigh in every morning!
  4. And I need to find a better place for the vacuum!

So with all that in mind, here we go!

Thursday: Day 1- Week 2

thursday wk 2 outfit

Again, my most favorite jeans. I wore this to lunch with the hubs. I think that was the only day last week I got dressed “up” enough to be seen in public.

The lighting is so dark in my house (we have 2 huge 37 year old Oak trees in the front yard) that you can never see my shoes. I was wearing my Father-In-Law’s boots from a LONG time ago. They are so old that they need to be resoled. They’re worn and dry, but I can’t help it, they are too cute and even though they are *slightly* big, I LURVE them!

Here are said boots up close! I feel compelled to collect more pairs! How can a girl go wrong with multiple pairs of boots in Texas?!

“I’m not from here, but I got here as fast as I could!”
-seen on a bumper sticker the day we drove into Texas from Rhode Island

Thursday wk 2

Sunday: Day 3- Week 2

Sunday wk 2_1

I subbed for another Worship Team Member this day. I can spend an hour or more trying on outfits to wear to church on days I sing. I know God doesn’t care what I wear or how I look, but when you’re being video taped and archived, the last thing *I* want is to look like I didn’t care what I was wearing. Call me vain. I can take it.

Top- Cato
Skirt- Avenue
(another pinned skirt because it’s too big! Good problem to have, but I think my backside was looking a little J-Lo if you know what I mean!)
Boots- ?? It’s been so long I can’t remember
Black tights-Avenue
Necklace- Avenue
Flower Pin- me

Close up of the boots, they’re suede slouchy boots with no heal and a REALLY pointy toe! My feet aren’t THAT big.

boots wk 2

Every other day I didn’t take a picture…

Wednesday wk 2

PJ pants and various t-shirts. ‘Nuff said.

Tuesday: Day 6- week 2

Tuesday wk 2

Ladies Night Out with my girlfriends. I felt cute from the neck down. Ever have one of those weeks where you’re face isn’t very well, um…clear? Yeah. It’s like I’m 14 again. Good reason if you ask me to stay in ALL week. Being a girl is hard!

Ok, I’m done whining. I KNOW my friends and family are done hearing about my complexion! I just had to get it out, you know on the INTERNET and share. Thanks for listening! :o)

I leave you with one last thing. One of my favorite t-shirts. It pretty much sums things up.

See you guys next week!!

out of my mind most days wk 2


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    I served with your father when I was in the Navy. We were both instructors at the U.S. Navy Preventive Medicine School, Oakland, CA. If it is possible I would certainly like getting in touch with him again. I visted Mike’s site but it was under construction and was unable to contact him.

    Malcohm McGregor
    Boise, ID