Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ahhh..peace and quiet. Sort of.

It’s been 7 days since I was here last telling you my tale of woe. Thankfully the only thing that happened after Wednesday was 3 kids came home sick from school. All three of the older ones were home. At the same time.

Let that sink in for a minute. I’ll wait.


I know right?! There goes all MY  fun!


Anyhoo, I made them soup and got them medicine and tissue. I accused Dan of faking it. Turns out that Monday would hit him like a ton of bricks and he really was sick. Oops. Muh bad.

It really wasn’t that bad to have them all home, I like to be dramatic. I did get to go to the store and stock up on groceries. That’s always fun. {crickets chirping}


I begged the next week to please be kind to me. It was, er well is. Being kind. Sort of. Let’s take a look shall we? I love lists. They are fun!


Saturday: Took oldest to the the sick clinic because she felt REALLY sick. Just a cold. That’s what I figured. Treat the symptoms- good advice Doc! That’s what I said, but whatever. Then she rested all day and was able to go to her school’s Fall Festival and sing in the Halloween show they put on every year. Brenna was able to go too and they both had a good time.

Michael and I went to the BFF’s house for a Monster Bash party. He won a couple of prizes for Silliest Pumpkin and Pin the Eye on the Monster. It was a ton of fun and Natalie out did herself! She’s a party hostess with the mostest! And if you are reading this Natalie, when you get tired of some of your Halloween decor, send it my way. Thanks. :o)

Oh and Jon put up my coat rack over the bench in the living room where I moved it. I love it! Wanna see? Sure you do. Please excuse the crappy picture- I used my phone.

decons bench in livingroomdecons bench second view 

so cute, huh? I’m beginning to really love my house!


Sunday: Went to church and I always need and enjoy going. Then came home and made lunch and then took a nap. It was an ok nap as far as naps go.

Monday: I slept in while Jon took the kids to school. Then….then… I WENT BACK TO BED!  Iknowright?! Then, I ate lunch and watched TV and when it was time, picked up the boy from school. That’s it. Quiet and lovely. Oh I did make dinner.


Tuesday: More of the same. Please see Monday. Thank you and amen.

Just kidding. I did some laundry and cleaned off my vanity. Man there was a lot of hair. How do I still have any in my head? I’m just wondering cause that’s just wrong. And gross. Oh and I made dinner, AGAIN!

But then I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 4 something and just laid there until 6 something. Then I fell asleep while Jon got the kids ready for school. Convenient, no?  I didn’t mean to. I was tired. Sue me. Please don’t. I’m all out of money. Thank you.


Wednesday: Annnd, now we are back to right this minute. I’m SURE I’ll do one of two things. 1. go back to bed. Get those hours of sleep I lost, back. OR 2. Don’t go back to bed and do some more laundry and clean up my side of the bed. And maybe the dresser because that didn’t get cleaned off very well when we cleaned our room.

Yep, either one I am SURE to do. Let’s take bets which one it is! It’ll be funn!


{I’m just going to toot my own horn for a minute, ok? Commence tooting…}

Since at least Sunday October 16, because that is as far back as I can remember, I’ve cooked a meal at home for dinner. That’s 11 straight meals. At. Home. I know for some of you, that’s a normal occurrence.  Not so much for us. We always eat out at least once a week or did.

Money is a big factor these days {read: we have none"} and that’s true for so many. I know we aren’t alone in that department. What has surprised me is I’ve actually stuck to a menu! I make them all the time and then I allow myself to change the plan to suit my mood. Those moods are sometimes expensive. I’ve even used all the stuff in my freezer! Crazy, huh?!

So I challenged myself to cook at home until payday. I’m doing it! I also proved to myself that I could go a whole week without eating any fast food. And believe me when I tell you I talked myself out of it several times. I almost gave in yesterday and got me some Chip-i-top-a-tolp-le! I love that place and I know it’s a weakness. But I didn’t succumb and for that I am proud.

Tonight on the menu is a new recipe for Pork Carnitas! I can’t wait! I’m going to try cilantro lime rice and refried beans too!

I may just get my Chipotle after all!

{Ok, I’m all done tooting my own horn! Maybe one more…Yay me! Now I’m done.}


So far, this week is WAY better than last week. It would be the BOMB if my Sister got a call for that job she interviewed for last week after her purse was stolen and she was so angry she couldn’t see straight. Which by the way, her bestest spechals flew her out to California for the weekend to hang out and get her mind off all the junk that’s been going on in her life and were a healing balm to her heart. That’s the best right?

I love best friends! They are more than friends, they are Sisters that you choose!

Anyway, the best news today would be that she got that job. I want to see my Sister smile again and have it be FOR REALZ!

Let’s make that happen, mkay?! Thxbai.