Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nebermind herself…

When my daughter was about 3 years old she spied her Daddy coming out of the shower. Questions were asked. When an answer was given, she loudly proclaimed, “No, I da peanut!!”  I’m sure you can figure out what question was asked.

This same daughter just turned 14 on Sunday. Fourteen!!!

Time has flown by and she has grown tall.  She no longer relies on me for everything, but still needs me.

I see so much of myself in her green eyes and brown hair. She has my chin and my sense of humor. She’s so smart and inquisitive, I sometimes feel inferior in her presence. Sometimes she even looks at me as if I am.

She’s a teenager, so that’s to be expected.  We’ve butted heads and yelled at each other.

We’ve hugged and cried together. We’ve comforted each other. We have a bond that a lot of Mom’s want with their daughters. Her friends think I’m cool and the best Mom ever. They might be on to something. The jury is still out.

She’s the type of person I want to be friends with. She makes me want to go out of my way to form a friendship with her and keep that friendship going. She has my heart.

She wants to move to Seattle when she graduates from high school and go to school there. My heart has already broken at the thought of her being so far away from me. Maybe by the time that comes to be, I’ll be ok with it.

Until then, she is mine to hug and comfort. To help grow into a fine woman who loves Jesus, people, kids, and owls. Who sings loudly in her room and laughs at her own jokes. Mine to fight for the spotlight with and put her ego in it’s place when need be. Mine to make sure she grows up to have a happy life. A job I am happy to have.

She’ll always be my baby girl. Happy Birthday Brenna! I love you more than shoes.