Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It’s a Hard Rock Life

Long post ahead. Lots of pictures and lots of mouse scrolling.
**End Warning**

I’m sure I’m getting my days mixed up. I didn’t do so well keeping the pictures dated and in folders. I made the mistake of labeling all my downloaded photos each day, “Amsterdam 2010”. My computer, while smart didn’t sort them by day like I was expecting it to. How rude! I feel like my brain is aging at an accelerated rate because I can’t seem to remember what came next!!



Oh yeah! 

It’s all coming back to me now. It was the last day of the conference, workshop day; Wednesday. Dad and I didn’t have a whole lot to do, so we took a stroll to the Pharmacy and decided to explore a little.


038Remember all the bikes? Bike shops everywhere. I saw this beauty and really wanted one bad. It is the perfect color!

041I could buy some of these Hydrangea’s and carry them on the front of my perfect blue bike!



CIMG5898 Dad and I in front of one of the many canals. I thought we could just go around the corner and it would take us back to the hotel. No deal! It took us about a mile out of the way and so we took in the sights along our detour!



044I have no idea where we are, but it’s pretty no?


CIMG5909On our LONG journey back to the Hotel, we found the Aldi food market I saw on our way to the Hotel from the airport. I had no idea it was down the street this whole time! We giggled as we walked through the store, looking at all the familiar foods in Dutch packaging. I purchased some cashews and peanuts. It cost me less than 4 euro for both bags! You can’t buy cashews in the states for less than 4 dollars! I felt like I was getting away with something. Hee-hee!  

Back to the hotel to end our day, clean up and get ready for the Staff dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe! We were all going to take the tram over to the restaurant, but someone suggested it was closer to walk! OMG, more walking! I was kind of grumpy about the walking, but ended up leading the pack, so that was cool-yet sweaty.

It was farther than I thought, but the view was awesome. Lots of great buildings and architecture. Lots of people/tourists walking. It was very crowded on some of the streets!




A huge spread was waiting for us. Cocktails, appetizers, and several things to choose from on the menu. I think we all chose the steak for dinner! We were tired of fish!






We laughed, sang rock songs, and had a great time. Galen, Leslie’s boss and friend went around the room and thanked everyone for their hard work and service that week. At one point, (“Who the hell is Lisa?”) Dad had me laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face and Leslie’s friend Lindsey was looking at me with such concern. She thought I was emotionally distraught for some reason. NOPE! I was being a goon and laughing uncontrollably!  You can dress me up, but you can’t take me out!






Don’t we look like we’re having fun?? We were!!



I love this picture of my Dad. There is never a dull moment when we are together. Ok, well maybe there ARE dull moments, but even those are funny.





Here I am in front of the Hard Rock Entrance. 

(When I get done telling you all about each day of our trip, I’ll have to include the other pictures from each day in an album or something. This post would be boring long if I included all the pictures we took!)

We had a great time at dinner. I bought some souvenirs for the boys and my friend Natalie and we headed over to the I Amsterdam park to look at the huge sculpture.





We were all annoyed because the boy sitting on the “t” was jumping all around and getting in everyone’s picture! My Dad was I think the most annoyed. Then some guy who was totally high was asking everyone for money. It was a quick visit to the park! In Amsterdam you never know what or who to expect!




The Travelocity Gnome was a funny photo-op on the walk home. This was a bakery that was all dressed up for the World Cup and tucked among the brood (bread) was the gnome in a Dutch flag hat and orange shirt! Haha! It was so cute! Below is my attempt at “being” the gnome! Bah!




Leslie is pretty funny too! She didn’t even drink and look at her! She’s gone all wack-a-doo! This was a cool little cake shop/tea room called Cake Under My Pillow or in Dutch, “De Taart Van M’n Tante”. I loved it!





This picture was on the wall just on the sidewalk of the store. I think she has a cupcake on her head. Ooookay. Those wacky Dutch!090



There were tons of fun shops along the Ferdinand Bol Straat. We seemed to be walking forever and at one point I thought my legs were going to fall off, but we marched on!

The first picture is a re-sell shop of nothing but junky parts. I took it because it was a perfect example of Reverse Logistics and that’s what we were doing all week at the conference! We joked that we should put that on the RLA Website! Cute clothing shops with red polka dot shrugs, vintage Mickey Mouse record players and local stores decked out with World Cup fever! I think you can pretty much find anything you want in downtown Amsterdam!!

093 099092  091


This shop made us all laugh and use this line over and over.

I’ll translate for you: “Nieuwe Collectie Topmerken BROEKEN en JEANS 2 voor 35.=”


“New Collection! Top Marks, Broken in Jeans! 2 for 35. euro!”

Dad kept asking us if we wanted some broken jeans. It was funny. If you knew how the Dutch said broeken, it’d be even funnier. I think. Maybe it’s just me?




Our night ended with fun memories, sore feet and legs, and back where we started from; The Hotel Okura.


                                     Home Sweet Home away from Home.

Back to my remote controlled lights and curtains. Back to giggling and sleeping pills. Sort of like now, only my remote has two legs and is named Jon. But all the rest is still the same.



Next up: Amsterdam the country of Windmills and Cheese.

Sneak Peek:
Amsterdam 2010 037


Love and shin splints,